Learn how to boost your MOTIVATION so that you can be more successful in half the time!

(101 Self Help Tips Ebook) 

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You Will Learn:


1. How to find your motivation.

Motivation is something that is sacred! Once you find it, you can begin changing your life TODAY without the allowing those bad habits to get in the way!


2. How to build your self discipline.

People who are more self disciplined, tend to be more successful in life! They are able to put their minds to something and make it happen! However, it can be difficult and if you don't know your limits, it will continue to be a struggle a for you. Learn how to become more disciplined in order to accomplish your next big task!

3. How to change your thinking. 

Negative thoughts, fears, & doubts. We all have them. However, its our ability to control how we think that separates us!

And Much More!!





Who Is Coach Wells?

He's a Therapist that helps people like YOU overcome self doubt in order to become successful & confident in their life! Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, and currently lives in Miami, FL. His desire to enter mental health was due in large part to the mentors that he had in his life that helped him with his own struggles with confidence! Now he works to help provide people like you with the mindset needed to be successful!